Animal Reiki

Do you have an animal who has not responded to traditional treatment?  Please consider Animal Reiki healing.  Animals suffer from the many stresses in our environment.  They also are all beings in need of healing on many levels.   Most cats and dogs respond very well to Reiki treatment, since they have no preconceived notions about energy healing and are very sensitive beings.  We have also successfully treated horses with Reiki healing and other livestock.


Animal Reiki Treatment and Animal Reiki Training classes

We can treat your animal with reiki healing or teach you how to heal your own pets, horse or livestock with reiki.   We recommend using animal reiki treatments to compliment your regular Veterinary Care.

Animal Reiki Treatment – At your Home

Session. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$75.00*

* includes travel time & expenses up to 10 miles.  Distances more than 10 miles will be charged time & mileage surcharge. A Pet Reiki session is 1/2 hour because pets absorb the Reiki Energy much more quickly than humans do.  Multiple pets will be discounted.

Senior Citizen Discount 15%

Animal Reiki Healing Therapy Treatment Form

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Animal Reiki healing

Chakras used in Cat Reiki Healing Treatment

cat reiki chakras“My 13 year old Siamese cat, Duke, was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and it was strongly recommended that his thyroid be removed. After weeks of watching his personality change and realizing that he was in a state of fear, I scheduled the surgery. Duke survived it but his recovery was slow. When Odilia came by to give Duke a Reiki treatment, he immediately took to her putting his chin directly into her hands and giving her his total attention. The next day his improved health was quite apparent, as he hadn’t been more than a few feet away from his crate since before the surgery and now he was wondering all through the house. Upon Duke’s post surgery check up the surgeon was “excited” to see the positive blood results—which this was surprising to him considering Dukes age. He remarked that it may be possible to eventually get Duke off of the meds completely. Odilia has continued treating him via long distance, and he continues to recover in leaps and bounds.”

Marie, Publisher of Natural Awakenings Magazine

Chakras used in Dog Reiki Healing Treatment

Dog reiki healing treatment


“My dog, Aiko, was suffering terribly with Hip Dysphasia and barely could lift himself to go out. After a session with Odilia, he seemed to have more energy, less pain and could get up more easily. He always was happy to see her and so was I.”

George, Delray Beach, FL owner of FlixProductions.



Chakras used in Horse Reiki Treatment

Horse reiki healing chakras“My horse, Play Smart, a retired Thoroughbred Race Horse was not himself. He seemed to be highly stressed out and agitated. At first, I was anxious about how he would react to Odilia doing Reiki on him; but as soon as she put her hands on him, he bent his head down and relaxed. He allowed her to work his entire body and seemed to be enjoying it. He was very relaxed and stress-free when she finished. As we were getting into the car to leave, he popped his head out of his stall and was naying like crazy as if to say—Come back & give me more! So we went back in and sure enough that’s exactly what he wanted!”

Nancy N., Bellmore, Long Island