Reiki Healing Circle & Introduction to Reiki

Introduction to Reiki classesLearn about Reiki at our Reiki Healing Circle

If you’ve never experienced Reiki, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. At this Reiki Healing Circle you will learn about Reiki & experience the energy of Reiki.  Even if you have experienced Reiki, all are welcome–Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Affectionados alike!

We begin the Reiki Healing Circle with a brief introduction about Reiki Energy Healing–what it is, that history of Reiki and how it can help you. Reiki is spiritually guided Universal Life Force Energy administered in over 800 Hospitals and Cancer Treatment Centers across the U.S.  Reiki is performed by the “laying of hands” by the Reiki Practitioner over the Chakras (major energy centers of the body) which clears blockages that may impede your health.

After the educating you about Reiki, Reiki Master, Odilia, will perform a powerful Chakra Clearing and Balancing Meditation incorporating Sound Healing with a Crystal Singing Bowl. This is followed by each person receiving a mini Reiki Energy Healing treatment while comfortably seated in your chairs in a circle of meditation.  This is followed by time to socialize with like-minded people.

If you would like to schedule a private Reiki Healing Treatment or learn more about Reiki Training Classes, click on the link.

We look forward to meeting you!

Upcoming Introduction to Reiki & Reiki Healing Circles


Saturday, May 12th at 11am

At the UR Light Center in Black Mountain

2190 Hwy 9, Black Mountain, NC 28711

Phone: 828-669-6845, The UR Light Center

Suggested Love Offering $19.