Reiki Attunement

Reiki AttunementWhat is a Reiki Attunement?

In each of our Reiki Classses, the Reiki Teacher, Odilia Forlenza (Reiki Master),  performs a Reiki Attunement on each student to open them up to channeling the Reiki Energy. During this process, the Crown Chakra, Heart Chakra and Palm Chakras are activated and the student is connected to our Source Energy/Creator who transmits the energy through them.  A Student will then instantaneously be able to channel the Reiki Energy, and with practice and further attunements—the amount of Energy the student is able to channel intensifies.

In order to understand this process scientifically, please think of your home which is wired for electricity—until you flip on the switch, the lights won’t go on. The attunement turns your switch on and your light will shine–as well as your ability to channel the Universal Life Force Energy to perform healings.”  Read more here in The Science Behind Reiki by Bernadette Doran, BS, RMT.

“I do believe that we are all born with the innate ability to do healings. However societal “norms” have stifled our abilities—or more like stifled our belief in those abilities. Isn’t it quite natural when one hurts themselves to automatically place your hand over the wounded or painful area?” says Odilia, Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki is an Ancient form of Spiritual Energy Healing that was re-discovered in the early 1900’s by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan. As we enter 2013, the popularity of Reiki is exploding in America.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words—Rei which means “spirit” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.” Quantum Physics say that we all have an unseen life force running through us.

Reiki is a simple, safe and natural method of energy healing and self-improvement that everyone can learn & use. While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. Anyone from any religious background can learn and use Reiki. Unlike other healing modalities, the ability to channel Reiki Energy is passed on from Reiki Master to Student during a Reiki Attunement.

Reiki Attunement