Reiki Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher Odilia Marie Forlenza
Odilia Marie Forlenza, Reiki Master Teacher

Odilia Forlenza is a very compassionate and Spiritual Reiki Master and has helped many people overcome pain and illness through Holistic Healing Therapy with Reiki Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, and Sound Healing. She has been a Reiki Master for 14 years working and teaching in Asheville, North Carolina, New York and Florida.  In 2009 she founded the NC Reiki Training Center  located in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina. She received her Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master Teacher training from the World-renowned Reiki Master Teacher, William Lee Rand.  In addition, Odilia is a Karuna Reiki® Master Registered with the International Center for Reiki Training. Recently, Odilia also received the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master Certification. Odilia is also a Certified Crystal Healing Therapist and Sound Healer. Odilia has a Bachelor’s Degree from NYIT and has worked in the business world for over 20 years. After experiencing a miraculous Healing in 2000, Odilia went on to learn Reiki and become a Reiki Master Teacher. She now devotes her life to spreading Reiki to help heal the World–one person at a time.  Therefore, Odilia’s passion is Reiki Training.

Becoming a Reiki Teacher

Anyone can learn Reiki if they have the desire to help heal themselves and become a Reiki Teacher if they desire to teach and attune others. Unlike other modalities, the ability to do Reiki is passed on from Teacher to Student during a Reiki Attunement. A Student will then instantaneously be able to channel the Reiki Energy, and with practice and further Reiki Attunements—the Reiki Energy intensifies. Odilia teaches reiki classes for all levels of Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki®.