Alternative Treatment

Alternative treatment includes a wide range of practices.  In Reiki it is believed that energy flows from the hands of the healer into the patient’s Chakras, clearing blockages and restoring health.

Reiki is becoming more widely accepted as a viable Alternative Treatment

A relaxing, stress-reducing, hands-on healing, Reiki treatment by compassionate Reiki Master balances your Chakras and charges you with renewed life force Reiki energy.  Click here for more information on Reiki Treatment.

Alternative Treatment - Reiki

Distance Reiki Healing

If you are not nearby to get a hands on treatment, distance Reiki will benefit you. Similar to receiving waves of energy over the radio & cell phones, Distance Reiki Healing energy can be transmitted distantly to those in need. Click here for more information about Distant Reiki Healing.



Crystal Healing Treatment

Crystals Healing magnifies the Reiki Energy and are used in conjunction with a regular Reiki treatment to intensify its holistic healing effects. We strongly believe in the power of crystals and promote their use.  Amethyst is a particulaly strong crystal.  For more information about Amethyst and other crystals you can use to help heal, click here.

Amethyst Geode Healing Crystal


Animal Reiki for Pets

Animals love Reiki too! Holistic healing with Reiki Energy relaxes, reduces stress, and allows natural healing. Click here for more information about Animal Reiki.

reiki healing cat pet