Reiki Classes

North Carolina Reiki Training Center, Reiki classes in Asheville, NC.

We offer Reiki Classes, Reiki Training Certification and Reiki Healing therapy treatments.  At this moment in history, we are all faced with many stresses in our lives. These stressed have resulted in some of the highest rates of diseases in recorded history. In fact, in 2009, the National Institute of Health reported that 85-90% of all disease is caused by stress. Many of us are in need of healing on many levels. Not only are we just physical & mental beings, but spiritual and emotional as well. Here you will learn more about healing your body, mind and soul.

For thousands of years, many ancient cultures believed that a life force energy flows through the body, deeply affecting our entire being. Current scientific research now proves that energy does flow throughout and beyond the physical body, and that imbalances in its flow correlate to physical, mental and emotional illnesses.

Reiki is a safe and effective method for stress-reduction and deep relaxation. Reiki Therapy is a holistic healing art that calls forth the healing Reiki Energy to clear blockages in your energy flow, balance the Chakras and help you heal on all levels–spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Reiki can be administered as a hands on healing, or can be sent as distance Reiki healing. Everyone owes it to themselves to experience Reiki at least once. Even Dr. Oz had a show where he recommends everyone try Reiki!

Enjoy a Reiki Therapy Treatment, experience a Reiki Healing Circle or Reiki Classes.  Click here to learn more about Reiki.

Reiki Classes

Reiki ClassesMy name is Odilia Forlenza, Reiki Master Teacher. I am Certified Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki® Master. Because of the wonderful and sometimes miraculous benefits of Reiki that I have seen & experienced, I have devoted my life to becoming a Reiki Master and reiki teacher so that I can help others learn Reiki to heal themselves, others and in turn help heal the World!

My mission is to provide you with quality Reiki Training Classes.  After I was guided to spread the word about how wonderful Reiki is, I decided to take all my Reiki Classes over again to gain a new perspective and to be able to teach a better class. I also added my expertise from 11 years practicing Reiki to make it the most informative, practical and enjoyable class!  I started my Reiki Training Center because when I first learned Reiki I was disappointed in the education I received. Don’t get me wrong, my Teachers had good intent, but the Reiki classes were very brief, with no manuals or practice time which left me with a lot of questions and incomplete training.

I offer Reiki Classes in Asheville, NC where the energy of the Mountains helps sooth your soul. Come for some reiki classes and make a weekend of it visiting the great City of Asheville!

Reiki is now offered in over 800 hospitals and hospice centers across the U.S. (as reported by It is recommended by Oncologists and Cancer Centers such as Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City as a complementary therapy to traditional treatments. In fact, patients are being taught Reiki to assist in their recovery. Read this article for more information about cancer and Reiki…

In closing, I hope you enjoy the site.  I have also added information about other alternative healing tools to assist you on your path to wholeness. May you find your Light and Heal your Life!

Many Blessings,

Odilia Forlenza
Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher
Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher

Reiki is a Complimentary Therapy and not meant to replace your regular medical treatments. Continue to consult your medical doctor.